Monday, May 2

Good ICT Security Practice

I'm sure that you uses computer all the time.
I'm sure that you surf the internet 24-7.
But do you have what it takes to secure your information.
Do you back up your data and takes whatever actions necessary, to secure yourself from the internet threats.
Here are some things that you should do (some lessons that I have learned long time ago);

1. Use a strong password
For some, they just want to use a simple password, so that they could remember them easily. This isn't a good practice at all. I know, that for some, even myself, uses multiple passwords for multiple accounts. Facebook, twitter, email, Youtube, Google and blogs. I used multiple passwords for them. But that doesn't let my guard down in using a simple password. The best practices in creating a password, is to have numbers, lower case, upper case, signs and symbols. For advance users, they might change passwords every three months. Another note, don't use significant names or numbers as your password. For example, your name or your IC number.