Monday, June 20

Trust Need To Be Earn

It's a big word. Really.
It brings lots of definitions.
It brings lots of meanings.

You cannot gain a trust.
It need to be develop.
It need to be earn.

Mutual, I think that's the most appropriate word to define trust.
It must have some connections. There must be some relationships.
You must earn someone else's trust, before they could trust you.
You must gives your trust, before you could obtain their trust.

Trust doesn't need a cause.
Trust doesn't need a reason.
All you need to do is to TRUST.
You just have to believe in your instinct and your guts.
You just have to believe in yourself.
Because, deep inside you, you know that you could trust them.
In fact, you need to let yourself open minded and give them your trust.

In any relationship, you need to give and take on trust issues.
I believe, it is essential. It is a must.
In a family, for example, I'm sure you trust your family members.
Without it, the pillars can't stand strong for too long.
You feels secure. You feels protected. You feels happy.
Believe it or not, this is what made you strong.
This is what made everything seems so easy.
Because, you know, that someone else is looking over you.
Someone else is watching your back.
In return, you watches their backs and looking over them.

Some people do live with a hidden mask. [source]
This is also true in any love relationship.
From what I've heard and I've seen, some couples are just lack of trust.
They might seems happy on the outside, but on the inside, they suffers.
They suffered due to some insignificant trust issues. Due to some jealousy part of them.

"Who did you call?"
"Where did you go?"
"Why did you meet?"

These questions seems to show that you care, but the truth is, it shows that you are jealous.
Once in a while, its good, but too much, its kind of restricts the movement of your partner.
Just give them some space. Just give them some air to breath. Just give them some room to move into.
Here comes the part where you need to trust your partner.
I'm sure that you don't want to keep any secrets in your relationship.
But the fact is that, a little secret won't hurt.
A white lie might be good in a relationship.
A white lie, perhaps, is all what you need.

Foot Note: some secrets should be kept hidden.

syaftome ~ trust in anyone, believe in everyone.

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Aida Ismail said...

trust. and it needs faith as well. The faith to trust someone and something. =)

nn said...

tapi bila kepercayaan selalu disalahgunakan... lama-lama hilang.

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