Monday, May 23

Presentation is Not Reading Out Loud

It's not reading.
It's a channel of communication. It's a form of explanation.
My teacher once said this to me, "A presentation is a journey."
Yeah, it's so true. It supposed to bring your audience to a journey, which they are involves in.
So, hopefully with this "journey", they'll understanding the message that you are trying to convey.

Try to focus when others speaks. [source]
On the other end, it's about, well, read.
You understands the vocal and characters, and from there, you read. It's either reading silently inside or speaking out load, you voices out your words.
and that's reading.

Presentation, is not supposed to be that way.
It's supposed to be fun, to the speaker and of course, to the audience.
You see, I've seen this a lot, where the speaker tends to read texts from the screen throughout the presentation.
Once they do that, they tends to lose eye contact.
They tends to lose the audience.
They tends to lose the attention.

To tell the truth, I usually shut myself off from such presentation.
It's better for me to read the text myself, isn't it?
Why should the speaker presents through reading, if I can read them myself?
It's pointless and obviously, its boring.

In my presentation, I usually do this. I KISS. I "Keep It Short and Simple."
You see, people doesn't like to read on the screen. Their eyes and minds are focusing on YOU.
The fact is that, the get most of the message through your body languages and hand gestures.
So, there is no point of writing down all that text on the screen.

To add on, presentation is not only about explanation. It's about understanding.
Encourage others to read. [source]
It's about whether you understands the subject. And that, will help you to show your confidence.
At the end, you'll see that the audience understands too.

To be honest, I'm not really a great speaker, but I love to speak.
But before I speak, I read. Read before speak. So that, you know what you're talking about.
Most of the time, presentation has a time limit, which we need to comply with. And in order to present within such limited amount of time, a rehearsal is a must. To budget yourself with appropriate amount of time. Thus, reading beforehand is compulsory.
Besides, through reading, you'll get the idea on the subject.
So that, while you point out your main points, you'll be able to explain more.
"Less, is the way to get more."

syaftome ~ used to present all the time, but now, I'm not.

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