Wednesday, March 2

REBLOG: Physiological find-a-word

A nice word game for all readers…

suicide, passion, fool haha
how true is this?
*shite* the first word i discovered was.. SUICIDE. darn it, the first 3 words.. my bad for refusing to read the whole instructions.. here is mine: SUICIDE, CRUSH, KISS? sounds completely…errr.. not right.. XP
oh noes, i got maniac, secret, dread T_T
nampak “suicides”.secret.leave. haiyooo.

My first three words are LUST, DREAD and PASSION. What's yours?

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Unknown said...

leave, moron, sin

zahidah dihaz said...

crushfooly, leave, secret

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KeCiK said...


Pergh. Well said.


nn said...

interesting :)

Fina Sophie said...

how annoying XD