Wednesday, December 8

Special Edition: Azam Tahun Baru Islam

Hari ini bersamaan 2 Muharram 1432 Hijrah. Kita sudah berada dalam tahun baru mengikut kalendar Islam. Sudah pasti kita mengharapkan yang lebih baik pada tahun ini kan? Bacaan doa akhir tahun dan awal tahun sudah kita laksanakan semalam, dan apa pula azam tahun baru anda? Jom kita berazam memperbaiki diri berdasarkan ramalan bulan kelahiran kita. Sifat2 negatif tu kita cuba untuk positifkan.

This Ain't No One-Word-Titled Short Story

Escapin' through the lily fields
I came across an empty space
It trembled and exploded
Left a bus stop in its place
The bus came by and I got on
That's when it all began
There was cowboy Neal
At the wheel
Of a bus to never-ever land
- Grateful Dead  "That's It for the Other One"

I drove the Volkswagon Kombi in the tropical heat. I was running away from the landlady and going to the North. My things all thrown scattered at the back of this minibus. My cat Johnson Moore purred. Sarcastic. If I was in a movie it would picture me sweating behind the wheels in sepia-like color. That color reminds me of the heat somewhere in Texas. But this ain't no Texas. Though Texas holds a fond memory, I could not bear to remember. I met a love in Texas. I lost him to Texas. I came back home. He wanted to stay. To cut it short, I hate Texas.

One reminder for all blog shops/ online boutiques owners

online shopping is the in thing right now. almost everybody is doing it. there are sites like JIPABAN and (just to name a few) that caters to online shopping. even more is the amount of blog-shops.

setting up a blog/website for your business is easy. but do you know that you have to register your business?

i came to know about this a week ago while browsing a famous Malaysian fashion review site, Your Shopping  Kaki. The owner of the blog, Sha-lene, was concerned because The Star reported about online businesses that have been charged for not registering their business. according to the comments received at the blog, there are online businesses owners that have already registered their business. so, for other owners that haven’t done it yet, there are two methods to register your business.