Wednesday, December 8

One reminder for all blog shops/ online boutiques owners

online shopping is the in thing right now. almost everybody is doing it. there are sites like JIPABAN and (just to name a few) that caters to online shopping. even more is the amount of blog-shops.

setting up a blog/website for your business is easy. but do you know that you have to register your business?

i came to know about this a week ago while browsing a famous Malaysian fashion review site, Your Shopping  Kaki. The owner of the blog, Sha-lene, was concerned because The Star reported about online businesses that have been charged for not registering their business. according to the comments received at the blog, there are online businesses owners that have already registered their business. so, for other owners that haven’t done it yet, there are two methods to register your business.

1. go directly to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)
as far as i know, the one in KL is located nearby KL Sentral. some of the online business owner have commented that it took less than an hour to register the company. you just need to bring your IC and a copy of it. it costs RM70/year. 

if you can’t go to SSM, the alternative is…
2. register your business online 
everything is easier nowadays. so, you can just go to SSM’s website and register your business. a step by step explanation can be found in this article: How To Register A Sole Proprietorship Online Using

however, another question to be considered before you register your business is… what kind of blog-shop is regarded as a business? do all blog-shops need to be registered?

i personally have a blog-shop selling my pre-loved items but, i don’t think it’s necessary to register it simply because, i’m not continuously gaining any profit from it. in other words, my blog is more to C2C (customer to customer) and not B2C (business to customer).

to be clear about this issue, you should read this article: Should Malaysian Online Business Register With SSM.

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Fina Sophie said...

found this helpful. thanks. sy pun nak buka online shop, but just preloved je. but not now la. hehe ;)

nn said...

@fina sophie

glad to know that it's helpful! :)

A-N said...

tapi risau la beli online ni. lepas bank in, owner tak bagi respond pn ):

Clarky Afif said...

awh. a measure taken to avoid any fraud

KeCiK said...

Ah..never think of registering your business even if it is online. Nice info yo!

Last few years Malaysia ranked the 3rd in Asia for this fraud thing.


nn said...


pernah kena tipu ke? isy. memang bahaya. that is why sekarang SSM ambil tindakan if people buat business without license. so sorry for u. setakat ni Alhamdulillah i belum lagi encounter such problems...

nn said...

@clarky afif

true! it seems like a petty thing but it's actually very important.

nn said...


wow. thanks for the info. pretty sucks being a consumer in Malaysia with all this fraudulent act. even the law doesn't really protect the consumers.

this consumerism issue deserve it's own article. :)

kusut said...

a very good share. thanks nn

benda register bisnes ni dgn bayar tax la agaknye benda2 yg blogger tak sedar kene buat. duit yg datang dr nuffnang tu pun kira income jugak

nn said...


itulah sebabnya. memang ramai tak aware pasal undang-undang. kurang kesedaran.

Anonymous said...

blog ko 100 penulis..

ape mksd ny??

nn said...


oh. this is not my blog lah. i'm just one of the editors. :)

shandye. said...

afifaa = sebab tu la sebelum buat apa2 purchase, make sure kita dah penah berkomunikasi dgn seller tu betul2. either via email, phone atau whatever la. as for me yg selalu je beli gadget and firmwear (upgrades for my psp! lol..) i selalu je request email address/phone number seller tu. call dia lepas tu tanya dia elok2. mcm tu kita akan puas hati dan dia pun leh convince kita yg dia bukannya hoax. kadang2 tu i request dia pny skype id so that dia leh tunjuk barang yg dia nk beli tu. puas hati jugak dapat buat video call dgn seller so kita somehow leh tgk barang tu before kita membelinya. harap next time this small tips help. ngee...