Monday, October 18

US$2,000 TO BE WON!

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teruja?teringin untuk memiliki?heee..let's join COCKROACH
CHALLENGE @ PestSummit Bali 2010!

what is cockroach challenge? It is only for the courageous pest management professionals!
Many of you out there will think ewww..yerkkkk...feels like to throw something up? heee, it's normal.
But for us in pest management industry, it a tiny interesting little creature although we have to bare with it's unpleasant smell! Yup, there's a few people in this industry still afraid with this tiny creature :) maybe geli should be the right word?

Ok, lets back to this event. Cockroach challenge is among of the activities which will held during PestSummit 2010. It is mediated by Aardwolf Pestkare. 

The Cockroach Challenge (CC) objectives is to create awareness on how & what the common German cockroach (Blattella germanica) feed.

The competition RULES? 
1. Only for PestSummit 2010 delegates & participants.
2. Participants with cockroach allergic or phobia is NOT allowed to enter this competition!

1. There will be men & ladies category.
2. Each participants will enter the competition cage with dressing attire which has been acquired by panel. Male participants must wear swim-trunks, bare chested with personal protection equipment (PPE). Female participants shall be dressed in track pants & white shirts and PPE. PPE includes eye goggles, ear plugs and respirator-sponsored by organizer.
3. Each participants (in front of the judges) will smear & declared his/her body+clothes with desired food which he/she believed will attract the cockroach.
4. Each perticipants will be asked to select 3 tanks full of cockroaches and the tank will be put or 'rain down' into the competition cage (with participants inside).
5. For 3minutes, participants will try to attract as much as many cockroaches towards him/her.
6. At the end of the 3minutes, the participant shall walk out of the Competition Cage and the Panel of Judges shall, with the aid of photographs,determine how many Cockroaches are found on the participant’s upper torso(i.e.between the waist and the neck, excluding the arms).

The participants with the most number of cockroaches will be announced as 'Super Cockroach Man' or 'Fantastic Cockroach Woman'! A cash prize of US$1000 will be given to each winners.

Seronok? Pada mulanya saya sangat teruja untuk enter this competition? Siapa tahu, rezki untuk dapatkan US$1000 jadi milik saya?!
Saya dapat tahu pasal competition ni Aug lepas. Yup, im one of the Malaysian delegates+participants in this PestSummit 2010.
Tapi, oleh kerana, im the only one female (among my labmates) yang teruja nk masuk cockroach challenge hasrat murni keinginan nak dpt cash prize tu (byk tuhhh!!) dilupakan. Segan la i OK! suma female labmates saya sopan-santun belaka :( 
maka frustlah saya yang gila gila-gila ini :( 
terpaksalah saya mtk ihsan untuk berkongsi hadiah kepada sesiapa male labmates yang bakal menang tu nanti. huhu

Saya dah berangan bila menang US$1000 (kalo convert MYR, boleh dpt RM3400 paling kurangg) wahhh..saya boleh beli byk benda!g shopping, g mkn2. cukup untuk beli lens 1 dan yg lebih2 tu simpan untuk tambah duit honeymoon saya+en hubbie :(

huhuhu jgn pujuk saya untuk masuk competition ni sbb tarikh penyertaan dah tutuppp! DAH TUTUP tau! kalo xbyk female participants kat sana nanti, tentu saya lebih frust sebab chances untuk menang jadi lebih besar!!BESAUUU..ohh tidakkkkk!!

okie.cukup.cukup..jgn pikir..buat sakit hati

okie bye2

p/s nanti saya update pasal result cockroach challenge OK!


kusut said...

lipas? sounds interesting, though very very disgusting and not to mention the smell. lol

but for $1000 hmm.. said...

hehe. rugi ah tak masuk.

Fina Sophie said...

challenge macam ni pun ada kan. ala life's boring la kalau asyik buat benda yg so-called make sense saja. kadang2 buat kerja yg doesn't make sense tu la yang best haha, tambahan lagi for money @_@