Friday, October 1

This is the welcome back.

Hey people, sorry for being "M.I.A" for such a long time.
Been busy lately.
Work, work and more work.


Education is the key to a nation’s success, thus it has to be strongest foundation of all moves.

p/s: How far do you agree with me? Said it out loud.


humble.yat said...

it is undeniable that education is the key of success. furthermore, via education, make us being subjective and open minded.however, take consideration that experience is one of them too.

KeCiK said...

Agreed but arguably which education?

Pelajar hari ini berpelajaran tetapi tidak berpendidikan.

kusut said...

i for one believe in education. with education one could bring change to the whole community and build a better future for their kids

but the trend of 'selling' education for profit (very common now in the whole world) saddens me

rayyan haries said...

humbleyat: True enough. I too believe that experience has the impact on us. Honestly, malaysia has yet to achieve her very best in providing a holistic and united education.

kecik: Knowledgeable but uneducated?

kusut: Yes, education does do benefits in term of helping an individual to grow better. Hopefully.
p/s: Everything that sells receive the same treatment.sadly...

fat said...

agree sgt2... tak pndai ckp omputih. sori