Friday, October 8

Je suis un Chef.

Delicious isn't it?
Salivating already?
I cooked this.
Yes, I did.


You can still afford this kind of meal right?
If you can't cook, there's always option to just buy it.


How about the HOMELESS?
They have non.
No place to sleep, eat or even bath.
Rain is like mother of all gale for them.

I have seen the world from their perspective,
would you care to see it to?


Charity knows no race, religion or nationality.
Hunger knows no barriers.


DoJef said...

tu ne parle pas francais?

btw, good effort in promoting this. ive never taken part in this kind of activities. there's always a first time for everything. heh

good post ;)

KeCiK said...

I'm honoured to join. Is there any voluntary activities besides KL?

cikpia said...

nice post...... an interesting activity indeed!!!

belah manjung tanak buat kerja amal macm tu ker???

Ilidina.. said...

good post! exciting activity...hee

Chip said...

Comment avez-vous vu le monde de leur perspective ? Étiez-vous sur le pavé par le passé ?

kz said...

bookmarked the page. will sure follow their activities one day.

thanks for promoting!

fat said...

odaaaaaaaaaaaaaap nyer