Thursday, October 7

How would you define LIFE?

I've done a lot of stupid things before. some hasty decisions. People often said that you could always learn from your mistakes. But honestly, you could just learn from watching others. You don't necessarily have to be there.

See, life is not just about finding Mr Right or Prince Charming. It's not even close to buying a mansion or a penthouse, or driving a ferrari just to gain people's approval.  Having a nice bunch of friends who can ask you out for window shopping and watch scary movies together? Nahh. I'll pass that one. Apparently, a classy Louis Vitton Handbag, matched with a pair of Jimmy Choo's high hells (heels oopsie) would not make you the happiest person on earth either.

A temporary excitement, I would say. Like when you bought yourself a new DSLR, brought it here and there, and waking up 2 days later just to realize that you didn't even care where you have been putting it. You get bored, you move on to other things that bring smile to your face again.  Love, cars, handphone, outfits. Ahh, don't make me start with this lovey dovey thing. How could you say you're in love with Mr A when few weeks after that I saw you holding hand with Mr B? Not to say that holding hand is prohibited in Islam. Call me old- fashioned, I like being one :)

How I wish I didn't have to go through this situation. Juggling between studies and multiple jobs at the same time. 1 major assignment and 2 upcoming test before the trimester ends. And still sittting in front of the laptop, doing nothing except than constantly switching the tab back to facebook. and for that reason, I'm deactivating it for a while.  Let's see how long it's gonna last, aye?

Lots of plan for this coming holidays. It's 3 months, people. Haaaven. Travel. work. travel. work. find the  accomodation for next year. help the juniors settle down once they arrive. work. study. work. study. then it's holiday again. Well, as for now, I'm gonna speed things up a little bit, finishing my assignment in 2 days time, revising the 200+ pages of Janet Holmes' book, and spending my evening at the beaches. Till then, take care people :)


Akidazami said...

Kehidupan bagi kid ialah bila kita boleh melakukan sesuatu yang kita suka tanpa sebarang halangan. tiada problem, duit sentiasa ada =)

KeCiK said...

Let it come dude, you almost done but somehow or rather you noticed, it just begun.

Janet Holmes makcik linguistics? OmaiGod!

kusut said...

seems you have a lot going on in your life ATM ashburn.. and u're studying still? i envy you

life is never like what we see in the movies. it is a blank piece of paper. it is a competition of competitions. even when you've won (or lost) the prize, the ending is still farther away

anyss said...

Plan lah hidup dari sekarang, cari hala tujunya. Cari apa yang nak dalam hidup ni.

bahagia itu bukan macam dalam novel; ada lelaki kacak, rumah besar, kereta mewah, kerja bagus dan harta bertimbun...itu dalam novel atau drama. Realitinya sangat berbeza.

Apa2 pun jalan hidup yang dipilih...lakukanlah "kerana Allah". Belajarlah kerana Allah, kerjalah kerana Allah, hiduplah kerana Allah...nanti, baru kita tahu erti bahagia itu apa

Anonymous said...

really love this post =)
no matter how hard life is, do your best, Allah will surely be there for you..always..May Allah bless and ease