Wednesday, October 27

25 Things :)

25 things you must know about Sumandak Kinabalu...hahahaha
Entry ini telah di ubah suai :)

1. I was born in Bundu Tuhan, Ranau

2. I am the eldest daughter

3. Book is my obsession

4. Zidane’s loyal fan (do you know this guy?? hehehe...)

5. I love to write a poem in the middle of the night, when I couldn’t sleep ^ ^

6. Crazily in love with Mr. M

7. The shortest in the family

8. CSI, Criminal Minds and Crime Investigation channel are my favorite TV show. Mr. M said I should become a detective…hahahaha

9. Always wandering at Crime Library

10. My favorite color is green…

11. Devoted Christian

12. Blogging in English but speak Dusun at home and Malay with friends…

13. There is something about 13 but I want to keep it for myself…hahahahaha

14. Love ice cream especially Vanilla flavour

15. Believe in ~ what you give, you get back

16. Blogging is my new addiction

17. Zezebel is my best friend

18. I hate when peoples throw away trash from their car! Seriously!!

19. There are 2 languages I want to learn if I have the chance ~ Spanish and Mandarin  

20. I want to build small library in my home…

21. Planning a trip to BookXcess (they sell the cheapest books on planet earth…hihihihi)

22. Planning a second trip to conquer Mount Kinabalu (chayo2)

23. Love to see things from a different angle…

24. I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee…seriously ^ ^

25. Last but not least, my ATM pin number is XXXXXX…hahahahahahaha

Okay, now you know more or less about me so it is your turn now. Let us know 25 random things about yourself. Hahaha…

1 comment:

suziesanji said...


- heart CSI too..
- wish I have library at home: got information, comic, novel sections
- coffee is a must.. 3 cups of coffee per day is normal

3 out of 25. so we are 12% similar. erks..self conclusion here