Monday, July 25

Write with heart not keyboard.

Having an epilogue of thoughts,
minded with tempest,
on the aisle of broken boulevard,
I stand,
yet to be shattered,
battered yes,
to extent my limit
cannot hold,
at end,
I lament to God.
I'm back with a piece of monologue/poem I wrote sometime early this year. I always tell people that you should always write with heart never with your keyboard/pen/pencil. Let yourself free from constraint of the rigidness of the so-called writing format. Life is always at its peek when you let yourself go.
p/s: If you need a heed of some real-life bites, hope on the bus and take a ride to my blog: Dreams are made on Cotton Candy, Sweet yet fragile.


Kumbang Jingga said...

hehehe lovely poem..nice to know u hehe

Khairul27 said...

sweet poem...but write with heart still use finger and keyboard to write something..hehehe..

Fina Sophie said...

itu mcm perumpamaan cipta sendiri la tu KB haha.

but anyway, rayyan, i got ur point :) nice touch of elaboration.

rayyan haries said...

Kumbang Jingga: Thanks!

K: haha...of coz.. :P

Fina: aites? wink2..hehe

kata kila said...

salam kenal KB. sweet je poem tu

kusut said...

i had a problem once when writing from the heart.. my heart chose the wrong side of an argument. so now i write from the heart, with young mr.experience at his side

rayyan haries said...

Kata kila: heyya! thanks! :D

kusut: haha...experience is always the best teacher!

humble.yat said...

nice to meet u rayyan haries;-)

rayyan haries said...

humbleyat: u too! :)

fat said...

nice. ur english sgt2 bagos.