Wednesday, September 29

A Place

Step closer...
Inhale a familiar fragrance.
Walk on a familiar ground.
The trees are humming,
The birds are singing,
Butterflies are dancing.
The rhythm becomes one.
The memories start to embrace.
Lips began to smile.
This surrounding,
This place,
I am home...
 (A Place, Sumandak Kinabalu 2007)

Thanks for reading and have a safe journey home. Drive carefully and don't be selfish on the road. I know the traffic will be 'unbelievable' (rolling eyes) but what to do kan, everyone want to go home. So BERSABAR saja lah...


Fina Sophie said...

karya sendiri? nice :)

btw, confuse. cuti or apa?

Sumandak Kinabalu said...

Hai Fina Sophie, yes i wrote that by myself ;)
Sebenarnya sajak tu untuk org yg dah lama tak balik kampung halaman...hehehe