Tuesday, September 7

Kath, I Love You [part2]

(Please read part 1 here)

I reached home quite late. It was because of the bad traffic. The bloody bridge hasn’t finished renovated. I could swear with thousand words or vulgar but I was just too tired to even pick the best vulgar. My head was full. Full with so many things. Parked my car in the garage. I walked straight to my room. “Fuh…!” I whined.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was 7pm. Weird but true that I had been driving for 2 hours from office to my house. Yes, I know Penang is not big. I really can’t stand with the traffic in Penang.

My legs were shivering. Tired for sure.

I switched on my laptop. Clicked on my Mozilla browser and automatically directed to my blog.

“Haha so many comments...” I laughed after the whole day stress at work with bad traffic as the bonus.


My cell phone rang. It was a SMS. I slowly took my cell phone and open the SMS in my inbox. I didn’t know who but I hope it’s her.

Yes. I was right. It was Katherine. Kath.

I started to read the SMS.

Right after I finished reading it, my eyes began to get wet.

Here was how the SMS written:

“Dan, my boyfriend wants me to go to KL and meet him this May and he already book flight ticket to Bangkok end of this year”.

I was shock. Devastated to be exact. My heart crushed. Crushed badly.

I couldn’t stop crying. “Why Kath… why?” I screamed in my heart. I knew I will lose again in this battle.

I called her.

There was no words could came out from our mouth. Not even mutter. We cried. That was how we express our feeling. Sorrowfulness. Very sad. I never cry so loud like that since primary school. I just could no longer bear the pain.

“I give you time Kath ok? Don’t make any decision yet please”.

“I’m sorry Dan, I can’t afford to hurt you anymore. I love you so much and I love him too but you know I can’t leave him. Our relationship is 5 year now… you know…”

“I don’t want to hear about it anymore Kath! Please…”

“I’m sorry Dan… I have to leave you. I don’t want you anymore… sorry… I can’t leave him and I know I’m very mean by making this decision”

“Kath, please… I can’t live without you. You’re my oxygen. I can’t live without you… I can’t breathe”

“It’s my fault Dan. I’m sorry… please forgive me…”

She hung up.

My head went blank. Nothing in my mind. I didn’t feel sad anymore. I didn’t feel happy too. I felt nothing. I didn’t see my future anymore. I had no reason to live.

I went to my study table. I took some pills from the table. The one Kath gave to me when I was sick. Different type of pills.

I chose Paracetamol. Written on the tablet -- 650.

I called her. She answered the call and I could tell that she was sad and still crying.

“Kath, you know I can’t live without you. You don’t love me anymore…”

I started to munch the pills. A handful.

“No..!!! Dan…!!! Please…!”


Chip said...

Driver-driver Penang memang champion semuanya.

Aku dulu bawak keta kat KL pun takut time sampai kampong kat Penang. Horror di buatnya.

Sumandak Kinabalu said...

cannot wait for the 3rd chapter...

KeCiK said...

Felamak, you should involve more on world of literature dude! Thumbs up!

p/s: I like the detail-ness of this post, the likes of Paracetamol and Mozilla. Wish you add more detail when describing things. :)

Fina Sophie said...


u got loyal reader here.. ;)

Faisal Admar said...

chip - haha, driver penang gelojoh :)

Faisal Admar said...

sumandak - glad that you like it :)

Faisal Admar said...

kecik - yeah, when you can "be" at the place and time of the story, everything seems clear and obvious. that was how the detail came to me :)

you should read the last part :)

Faisal Admar said...

nizam - hehe. everything becomes vague when you are in stress. trust me :)

Faisal Admar said...

fina - thanks fina :) i hope the next part won't upset you.