Saturday, September 4

Dream are made on Cotton Candy, Sweet yet fragile.

Hey people, I'm Rayyan Haries Aaron Davis, but you can just call me Rayyan. I'm the proud father to my 3 year old blog:

I write basically about my life. I'm very much anonymous, UNLESS you know me personally you'll never see my photo on my blog. I have my own reason tho. I write because I love to write, it's my personal open diary. Like I wrote in one of my posts :

I never intended to write to be famous,
My blog is my open diary,
Just to pour out whatever I feel within my soul,
So that I can let go and advanced forward in life.

I never intended to write to be famous,
or so that people can adore me,
or so that people can follow me,
I just write so people understand the differences in society.

I never write to be famous,
though it has been 3 years,
this thebigsmallboy has been here on the web.

p/s: I am never a famous blogger. :)


F Yusof said...

nice blog title :)) dreams really are made on cotton candy hehe^^ and i am never a famous blogger too!

Azrul Hisham said...

welcome to 100penulis...nice to koow you :)

r.k said...

write with your heart , even fame cant fight .. nice to have an heart writer here .. cheers mate .

rayyan haries said...

Gluck: haha...sweet yet fragile! dreams are always precious. cheers mate! :D

Azrul: Nice knowing you too... :)

R.K: Haha, thanks! Cheers.. ;)

Zahra said...

Hye dearie!
Sweet blog!

Khairul27 said...

hello rayyan name...

rayyan haries said...

Azza: Hoyya. Thanks!!hee~~ :D

K.beyazid: cool? haha...thanks dear! ;)

Fina Sophie said...

nice having people like u around here ;)

welcome to our big family! :)

rayyan haries said...

Fina: Thanks: :D

rayyan haries said...

nizam: u too!

fat said...

dun wori. im not a femes blogger too.